Smart Vending Machine Management Solution
Accept cashless payment | View analytics | Remote telemetry

Made for Indian vending machines
Neuu is a smart device that makes your vending machine smart and cashless. With 'smart' we mean it's easy to operate, accepts cashless payment, understands the surroundings, can personalise and above all helps the vending machine operator to make more sale with analytics and promotion software.
Machine Analytics
All machine telemetrics data are accessible from cloud.
Cashless payment
Our device enables your machine to accept any kind of cashless payment. Physical credit/Debit card, wallet and online payments.
We are just a phone call away for any problem related to device or our cloud software.
Software Features
Get machine & sales analytics in real time so you can make better & faster product decisions.

Cloud based software
Just login and access all your machines data on one dashboard.
Hassle free management
It requires just few taps to process and discover insights from your machine, sales and inventory.

Reduce operation cost
Slice and dice data based on location, product, sale , machine etc. Use insights to plan refill routes, type of products to keep and find out the problem areas.
Touch screen device
Our Neuu device comes with a 7inch touch screen and a card accepting mechanism.
Accept cashless payments
Accept physical debit/credit card
Now your machine can accept any kind of physical cards- Debit/ credit or any other kind of cards.
Wallet & online payment
The easiest way for users to make payment would be to use the wallets and UPI based payment methods. We have got you covered. Our device works with any kind of wallets.
Touch screen for shopping
Now customers can order products from your machine by adding products right on the screen. Experience is similar to ordering products online using mobile or tab.
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